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Brigitte's Ranch is located at Playa Negra in Cahuita, Costa Rica and was founded in 1983 by Brigitte from Switzerland. The ranch includes six cabins, a breakfast restaurant, a horse stable and the finca Indio Desnudo. We organize a lot of different tours such as horseback riding, sweet chocolate tours, snorkeling and jungle night tours into the private virgin jungle of finca Indio Desnudo. Leave the stress behind and escape into our little paradise on the Caribbean coast. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday with lazy beach days, adventurous tours, local food and good vibes only.



Breakfast open daily from 7am - 11am

at our restaurant on the ranch.

You're also welcome if you're not staying for the night.

We serve you our homemade chocolate, pancakes, fruits from our garden and more!


The two cabins Magic and Boa’ë are 100% ecological. A system of  solar modules maintain the electrical flow as well as the hot water. 

Free Wifi

In all cabins as well as in the restaurant. ETHERNET and WIFI in the cabins

Boa´ë , Magic and Rojos.


Horseback riding

Cacao and medical plants

Jungle by night

Cooking workshops

and more...



We offer a variety of different tours here in Cahuita, such as horseback riding along the beach, making your own chocolate or exploring the jungle by night. 

You can book all of the tours by email, even if you are not staying at our farm! Of course you can also come by our reception anytime. Tours available in English, Spanish and German.

Read about all the tours we offer below:

Beach and Jungle Horseback riding, 80$ per person

2-3 hours of pure adventure. Galloping and/or walking on the horse enjoying the sound of the waves and the chatter of the jungle. Our local guides will make sure that you have an amazing time.

Children's Horseback Riding, 20$ per child and horse

Young children have the opportunity to enjoy our horses with a small tour at Playa Negra. It lasts approximately 30 minutes and the parents can watch.

Family Horseback Riding, 60$ for adults, 40$ for under 12 years

1-2 hours riding on the beach and a little bit of jungle where you can spot exotic birds, sloths and monkeys. The guide works hard so that everyone can enjoy themselves and so that everybody has an unforgettable experience.

Chocolate tour, 25$ just making chocolate or 40 $ with medicinal plants . 25$ for under 12 years

Enjoy a guided walk through our medicinal garden where we'll teach you about the natural remedies our plants offer and show you our own cacao trees. Next, we make our own chocolate. Everybody can help with the process and gets to try the freshly made chocolate with a roasted banana as well as a hot drink. This tour lasts approximately 2 hours. There is also the option to just make chocolate - this costs $25 and lasts 1.5 hours.

 Horseback Riding on the beach and mountains 95$ per person

4-5 hours ride across the beach and jungle into the nearby mountains to discover a hidden indigenous village surrounded by beautiful nature. The ride includes food and a riverside break to walk a little way to a natural mountain tap and find views over the Caribbean Sea and rainforest below.

Jungle Night Tour, 35$ per person

This tour is always a fun surprise - we never know what we'll meet and see in the dark! We can promise a sighting of green frogs, helmet lizard, bullfrogs and the kinkajou. With a bit luck we might also see snakes and maybe the famous tarantula. It starts at 6pm and takes about 2 hours.

Full day, 115$ per person, 75$ for under 12 years

This full day adventure starts with horseback riding on the beach for 1.5 hours before we head to our ranch to enjoy a chocolate tour. Once the sun sets we'll take you to a jungle tour to see all the exciting jungle animals that only come out at night.

Cooking RON-DON, 45$ per person, 30$ for under 12 years

In 2 hours we'll cook the delicious Caribbean speciality ron-don in our outdoor kitchen where you can help to prepare the coconuts and coconut milk. When the dish is ready we can eat it in our beautiful garden or you can enjoy it at home. 

Snorkeling and Hike in Cahuita National Park

40$ (with hike 50$)

After a short boat ride from Cahuita you'll jump into the warm Caribbean sea to swim amongst colorful shoals of fish, coral reefs and maybe spot some bigger (but completely safe!) friends too. After exploring the reef the boat takes you to a quiet, white sandy beach in the National Park for a cool drink and some local fruit. From there, you can do the approx. 3km guided or unguided hike back to Cahuita through the park or take the boat. This tour lasts about 3-4 hours.

- 13% tax not included



we offer two differnet kind of cabins.the luxury kind with jacuzzy on the porch and surroundet by jungle on the Finca Indio desnudo whrere you stay near the horses and see them from the porch feeding.then the others more rustic ones.



The restaurant is open between 7am - 11am everyday for breakfast only.

You're also welcome if you're not staying for the night.

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This weather is only valid for the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica:

The months September, October and November are the three sunniest months of the year. In those months the sea is often as smooth as a lake. Nevertheless every time o the year has its charme. Also during the months March, April and May you will have sunny days and good waves to go surfing.

The temperature of the sea is always approximately 28 to 30 degrees (82-86 fahrenheit). Air temperature is always around 26-32 degrees (82-89 fahrenheit) by day and at night it’s 22-26 degrees (71-78 fahrenheit). The humidity is very high even when it’s dry season.

Because of the warm and wet climate Costa Rica grows many fruits. Their seasons are as follows:
The season of mango and avocado is around May and June. You will see them all around our garden and finca and you can pick them yourself. From November to December the orange trees are full of sweet and delicious fruits. Papayas and bananas grow all year around.



From San Jose:

1. Public Bus: From the Bus station „Atlantico Norte” (Avenida 9 y Calle 12, Barrio Mexico) in San Jose you can take a public bus from the bus company MEPE to Cahuita. The buses are leaving at 06.00 am, 8.00 am, 10.00 am, 12.00 pm, 02.00 pm, 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm with a cost of 9$ per person. The bus takes approximately 5 hours. We recommend you to arrive 30 minutes early to the bus station.

2. (Half) Private Shuttle: You can also book a (half) private shuttle that may be faster than the public bus, has air conditioning and less people. Prices range from 25$ to 45$ per person.

3. By car: You can either rent a car at the airport or before arriving to Costa Rica. The road from San Jose to Cahuita is ashalted but nevertheless we would recommend you to rent a 4x4 vehicle in order to reach more remote place nearby as well.

If you are taking the public bus you will arrive at the public bus station in the center of Cahuita from there you can either walk around 20 minutes or take a taxi. See below the two locations.

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